Mentors are the lifeblood of the GPU Hackathon program and come from many different environments across universities, national laboratories, supercomputing centers, and industry. Mentors are paired with participants based on several factors, including core competencies, skill level, expertise and work style, then work alongside their teams during each event to help guide them towards achieving the team goals.

These events are a shared community experience to collaborate--everyone benefits.

Why Become a Mentor?

GPU Hackathon events are great opportunities to sharpen your skills, learn about the latest technologies, build relationships and collaborate with researchers and developers across the computing and scientific community.

Develop Your Skills

Mentoring expands your experience with current AI projects, discipline advances, and scientific applications. Access specialized skills-building training for continual professional development.

Increase Your Opportunities

Mentoring improves your access to current research projects, scientific applications and development tools, as well as potential recruitment opportunities.

Build Your Community

Mentoring allows you to collaborate with peers and prestigious institutions during the event to increase your professional network and build lasting relationships to advance your career.

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?


Our Process

As a mentor, you work with a team that intends to use a programming model, framework, library, or tool you are familiar with. The matching process considers competencies, work styles, and expertise to ensure that both skills and learning styles are balanced and the experience is beneficial for all. Additionally, less experienced mentors can shadow and learn coaching skills from a more seasoned counterpart, allowing for peer-to-peer development.

Training and Support

From the beginning, mentors are provided with the guidance and support they need to be successful, including access to credentialed training, help resources, scheduled check-ins, peer-to-peer coaching and specialized skills-building to ensure that mentors stay on track and engaged.

Max Katz, GPU Hackathon Mentor

What to Expect

Read the spotlight profile of Max Katz, senior solutions architect from NVIDIA, to get a glimpse into the mentor experience and learn more about the colleagues you will work with.


Mentors are vital to the success of the GPU Hackathon program and should be celebrated. We help drive awareness of your hard work through a variety of channels such as blog posts, interviews, articles, published papers and speaking opportunities.


Mentor Certification Program

Enhance your personal growth, career advancement and professional recognition opportunities by becoming a certified mentor through our mentor certification program.