GPU Hackathons provide exciting opportunities for scientists to accelerate their AI research or HPC codes under the guidance of expert mentors from National Labs, Universities and Industry leaders in a collaborative environment. Teams of researchers are paired with experienced GPU mentors to learn and apply the accelerated and parallel computing skills needed by the scientific community. Both current or prospective users of large hybrid CPU/GPU HPC clusters who develop HPC and AI applications that could benefit from GPU acceleration are encouraged to participate!

The ENCCS hackathon will be designed for teams to work in productive sprint sessions with expert mentors for a full week. A wide variety of different projects are possible, for example:

  • Accelerating applications written in common languages - C/C++, Fortran, Python
  • Using OpenACC to gradually offload work to GPUs and incrementally improving the performance
  • Identifying expensive kernels and porting them to CUDA
  • Profiling already GPU accelerated applications to find hotspots for further acceleration

Event Format

The ENCCS GPU Hackathon will be hosted online with all times Central European Time (CET). 


Teams are expected to bring their own code or project to the event and be motivated to make progress during the hackathon. 
No advanced GPU skills required, but teams are expected to know the basics of GPU programming and profiling at the event. A collection of GPU lectures, tutorials, and labs are available for all participants at no fee. Please contact organizers for more information to help you prepare for the hackathon. 

GPU Compute Resource

Teams attending the event will be given access to "Berzelius" for the duration of the hackathon. Berzelius is the premier AI/ML cluster at NSC. To learn more about Berzelius, please visit the links below for more information. 

Berzelius Overview
Berzelius - Getting Started Guide


Teams submit project proposals which are evaluated based on quality and feasibility. A call for proposals will be announced closer to the event. Invited teams are asked to register all participating team members and start preparing for the hackathon.

Attending the Hackathon

If your team is accepted for the hackathon, registration information will be provided along with mentor introductions and computational resource access. Accepted teams should:

Event Focus

Important Event Dates

  • ENCCS GPU Hackathon application deadline
  • ENCCS GPU Hackathon Day 1
  • ENCCS GPU Hackathon Day 2
  • ENCCS GPU Hackathon Day 3
  • ENCCS GPU Hackathon Day 4