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Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) offer high performance and massive parallelization, but learning how to program GPUs for scientific applications can be daunting. To help reduce the barrier to entry, Princeton will host its 2nd annual GPU hackathon, organized and sponsored by NVIDIA, Oak Ridge Leadeship Computing Facility (OLCF), and Princeton Institute for Computational Science & Engineering (PICSciE)and OIT Research Computing.

A guide for what to expect as an attendee can be found here. The inaugural 2019 GPU Hackathon at Princeton followed this format and was a great success. All participating teams achieved a code speedup of at least a factor of 5x, with some teams gaining the equivalent performance of ~200 CPU cores for their codes from just a single GPU.

All fields are welcome, from astrophysics to machine learning to genomics. Although Princeton and Princeton-area teams will be given priority, a Princeton affiliation is not required, so please forward this announcement to interested colleagues from neighboring institutions. Prior hackathon participants are also welcome to apply, but they should explicitly address in their applications the additional value they hope to gain from attending the hackathon again.

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