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Complete the following application for your event of choice. An asterisk indicates required information. Please note that in accordance with laws and regulations, participants must be over the age of 13 (16 if the event is located in Europe). Additionally, please do not submit information that you deem proprietary or confidential.

List the following information about your team members. A minimum of two (2) people total are needed for each team. Please note, you must remove any unused team section by using the minus (-) icon before submitting the application.
First Name Last Name Email Address Affiliation Operations
Brief description of the HPC code or proposed AI problem statement.
Please enter N/A if not applicable.
For HPC codes: Please specify the programming model or libraries you are planning to use for GPU acceleration (e.g. CUDA, CUDA Fortran, OpenACC, OpenMP, cuBLAS, cuFFT, etc.).
Is your model similar to ResNet-50 CNN, LSTM, BERT, random forest, etc.? What optimizer and/or training method are you using? What systems have you worked on before with your data and models?
Describe what types of algorithms dominate your application, especially the ones your team is targeting for acceleration.
Describe the current performance characteristics of your application. Where does it run (CPU, GPU)? How many nodes does it scale to?
Details should include information about licenses, size of the data source, size of the model, current time to train, and links to any applicable information.
Please provide any and all licenses and versions that pertain to your application or code in order to ensure that we are compliant with any licensing obligations (i.e. GPL v3.0, LGPL-2.1, BSD, Apache 2.0, MIT, etc.).
Example: Desktop, local clusters, HPC centers, etc.
Are there compute resources that you need to get your model trained faster (GPUs, Storage, etc.)?  What additional dataset do you need (local, regional, size , etc.)? Is there specific expertise you want guidance on so that we can assign right mentor to you?

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