Mastery of the subject. Increased productivity. Faster troubleshooting. Better decision making and job performance. Sound like things you want? Then get certified.

Through a combination of digital instruction via training courses, hands-on labs, and in-person mentor shadowing and event participation,  we prepare professionals to earn their GPU Hackathon mentor certification. 

We offer mentor certification for both high performance computing (HPC) and foundational artificial intelligence (AI) pathways, providing hard and soft skills building with content covering topics across accelerated computing, deep learning, computer vision and mentor challenges and best practices.

Enhance your personal growth, career advancement and professional recognition opportunities by becoming a certified mentor today.

5 Steps to Becoming A Certified Mentor

GPU Hackathon events are great opportunities to sharpen your skills, learn about the latest technologies, build relationships and collaborate with researchers and developers across the computing and scientific community. Becoming a mentor puts you at the ground floor.

  1. APPLY: Complete and submit a mentor application. Remember to select the checkbox that shows you are interested in becoming a certified mentor.

  2. MEET AND GREET: A member of our team will reach out for an initial conversation to understand your skillset,  experience levels, and which certification pathway you are interested in.

  3. TRAINING: You will receive the complete set of  training materials that outlines all the coursework and activities that are needed for the HPC or AI mentor certification, including an overview, timeline, and instructions to access our computer cluster for the hands-on exercises.

  4. PRESENTATION: Applicants will submit a final presentation on the results of their hands-on exercise for evaluation. 

  5. HACKATHON PARTICIPATION: The final step is to take part in a GPU Hackathon where you will be paired with an attending team and experienced mentor that can help show you the ropes.