Hackathons lead to speedups, increased efficiency for industry

GEnx high+low pressure turbine rendering. Image Credit: GE Research
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General Electric (GE) has used the leadership-scale HPC resources at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) since 2010 to determine how to make turbine engines for jets and power plants more energy efficient. A crystal ball of sorts, HPC can give companies such as GE a major competitive boost. In addition to using the leadership supercomputers at the OLCF, GE recently began leveraging OLCF hackathons—intense workshops with domain scientists, software engineers, and compiler experts who mentor attendees on how to adapt their codes to use GPUs and take full advantage of Summit’s large-scale computing capabilities. 

Discover how Carlos Velez from GE’s Global Research Center and colleagues attended two OLCF hackathons, held in cooperation with OpenACC.org, to ultimately realize speedups of 50- to 300-fold on GE’s GENESIS code and far greater scalability.

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